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About the Cutting Edge

Postby The Dragon Master » Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:31 pm

Our community is a free learning resource dedicated to artists learning the basics up to the most advanced aspects of celebrity faking and photo manipulation. Members focus on the skill sets needed to reach a photographic-like reality in their finished works.

This is the portal into the dark caverns of The Cutting Edge. Allow me to welcome you as you begin your journey through the fantasy world of naked insanity where just about everything you can imagine can become a reality.

We are a group of Photo Manipulators, Pixel Pushers, Digital/CGI Artists, or what is more affectionately known across the vast society of the web as Fakirs. We deal in fantasy, wielding our magic pen tablets and mouses for the purpose of entertainment.

Whether it be through Photoshop, Gimp, or any other image editing software, we strive to celebrate the development and talent of our membership by stretching the imagination to it's capacity as we fulfill our wildest desires.

Inside you will find some of the web's finest collections of famous and nude stars.. all awaiting your arrival.

Although we do this at no cost to you, we ask one thing in return, participation... we ask that you at least acknowledge our work and show your appreciation to our Fakirs. Without the fakirs we could not bring your fantasies to life. A small reply to a single fake up to a competition winner as a manner of encouragement will go a long way and will make us appreciate you even more.

Once you have registered you will enter the main forum where you will gain access to the content. We encourage you to post in the introduction forum so we may get to know you a bit better. Have a look around , make yourself at home. Replies are a drug to fakirs, so don't be shy ...if you like how sexy a particular work is, then let us know. More importantly let the artist know.

Please be sure and read the Rules of the board. although many of you have been to faking sites and know the basic rules, we may have some that you don't know, so I encourage you to read them. "I didn't know the rules", will not serve as an excuse if you by chance break a rule and get yourself banned.

Enough reading... Now get to registering and get in there and have some fun. Feel free to PM the Admin or Mods with any questions you may have.

Enjoy the Forum!

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The Cutting Edge

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